One of the more exciting aspects of street photography is anticipating what will happen, but getting rewarded with something totally different.  I enjoy street photography because it forces me to look around and absorb everything around me.  I enjoy the click of a shutter when it feels right and the anticipation of the resulting image.

There is a story in this photograph, and each time I look the story unfolds a little more.  Reality could be something else entirely, but that is what I like about this image.

Something Happened

Leica M3 892 – Charelston, SC

We were walking on King Street in Charleston, SC and I was shooting with my M3 double stroke with an old Sumicron 50 DR.  About half-way through the roll I saw two young gentlemen in suits crossing the street towards us led by young lady equally dressed.

My immediate thought was a lady leading two gents was a little like the princess followed by her court.  The idea of three people rather than two or four just struck me as a little odd.

I already knew I was going to take a photograph and while I was thinking adjusted my shutter speed.  I raised the camera and using f/4.0 quickly focused and pressed the shutter.  I waiting for two steps to try and get the rhythm of their walking.  Too often if I just snap an image, I end up with feet in very awkward positions of what is otherwise a great picture.

I think I got their feet in the best position I could.  But the feet are not the story here.  The look on the lady’s face is a little perturbed.  She seems like she is not really happy about something.  It helps too that one of the gents is looking back at the other.  He seems to be saying, “why did you do that?”  The second gent looks just a little unsure of himself.

Overall this is a cohesive image.  Everyone seems to be portraying the same story.  So, what really happened?  Are they late for something?  Did one of the gents run off another lady because of something he said?  Did he make a snyde comment to her before they crossed the street, maybe something about her dress?  We will never really know and maybe they are three friends and nothing is the matter.

I like my story, frozen in time by the push of shutter.

About The Author

David taught film photography and development for 3 years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1989-1991). He began using Leica cameras in 2000 and still shoots 70-100 rolls of film through a Leica M3 and Leica MA while enjoying the challenges of the Leica Monochrom and the new Leica MD 262. David has written about photography and is working on several volumes documenting changes and artistic merit throughout Old Town in Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA. His full-time job is as a CPA, but spends free time with a camera at the ready.

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