Walking King Street in Charleston SC

This was a great weekend in Charleston during June 2016 and I was using a Double-Stroke Leica M3.  The double-stroke version, sometimes referred to as the Leica M3 DS, requires winding the lever twice to advance the film and ready the shutter.  This was an early model where Leica was concerned the friction of the rewinding might cause problems on the film.

In any event, there was a great group of people on the streets and the architecture and window reflections caught my eye.  This was a section of King Street up towards the Ordinary – my favorite restaurant on King Street!

About The Author

David taught film photography and development for 3 years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1989-1991). He began using Leica cameras in 2000 and still shoots 70-100 rolls of film through a Leica M3 and Leica MA while enjoying the challenges of the Leica Monochrom and the new Leica MD 262. David has written about photography and is working on several volumes documenting changes and artistic merit throughout Old Town in Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA. His full-time job is as a CPA, but spends free time with a camera at the ready.

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  1. Ross Funnell

    Hi David
    Just letting you know your new web site is very fast and a big improvement in speed over your old one.

    I read your articles with interest and enjoy your work.
    Kind regards,
    Ross Funnell

    • dknoble

      Thanks, Ross! It always seems that the technology side is the most challenging! I appreciate your comments greatly! My Best, David.


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